Reader Input Online: Demand more from those seeking your vote

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Strip away the lies and irrelevancies of corrupt political ads, and you have a choice based on the actual track records of the contending parties.

One blatantly promotes oil dependency and opposes environmental regulations; the other failed to put alternative energy in the forefront.

One lied its way into a 10 year, debt-creating, pointless war; both lack the boldness to seriously cut the fattest military budget on earth.

One panders to the most inefficient, profitably overpriced health care system in the developed world; the other failed to overhaul it.

One gives “freedom” to business without government “interference” causing the crash and burn of ‘08; the other failed to put teeth into regulations to prevent future calamities.

One is wagged by the Tea Party tail (end) that wants to turn Social Security and Medicare over to the very same crashing and burning private sector; the other talks the talk but lacks the dynamic energy needed to defend middle class interests.

One claims business savvy, promoting outsourcing of jobs overseas and giving corporations unregulated power to buy elections; the other fails to effectively combat these forces.

One will screw you for sure; the other may not be tough enough to protect you from them.

Unless you demand better, that’s your “choice.”

Jim Beall, Sr., Weimar