Reader Input Online: Chose Romney carefully

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Poor Ron, you’re at it again. Your chosen candidate is Obama, we get that. But, just because you favor him no matter how much he lies (Bengazi,anyone?) and no matter how awful his tenure has been for our country (rampant unemployment, an out of control EPA) that is no reason for you to imply that those of us who choose not to vote for failure a second time (as you will do), are somehow mentally incompetent is just plain ridiculous. We who have chosen Mitt Romney have done so after careful consideration of what we want for our children and grandchildren’s futures. We don’t want a president who decided it was more important to attend a Las Vegas fundraiser than go back to the White house to meet with his security advisers face to face concerning the murders of four American citizens in Libya. We want a president who actually had a real job (not a “community organizer”) and who has real solutions to our financial and debt crisis. We want a strong and free enterprise America for future generations. And, lest I forget, we women do not vote according to our body parts! We vote for our children and grandchildren’s futures!

Donna McCloskey, Auburn