Reader Input: No on Measure K helps town

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Newcastle controls its own destiny. Every community expects to have someone come when they call 911. Newcastle is no exception.
Today, when we call 911 for fires and medical emergencies, our firefighters respond. They will respond tomorrow also. Measure K threatens that response.
As we vote this November in Newcastle, we are asked to make a decision about our fire department. Currently, our fire department is on sound fiscal footing with adequate revenue to continue answering emergency calls.
Measure K reduces funding to our Newcastle Fire Department to the point that our firefighters will be forced to hang up the hoses and park the engines. Measure K means the closure of our fire department.
Newcastle takes care of its own. We have the opportunity to continue our proud tradition of being independent and self-sufficient. We control the future of our fire department and our community. Grasp this opportunity to protect our independence. Vote no on K.
Michael Leydon, board member, Newcastle Elementary School District