Reader Input: New online forum lacking

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I appreciate the fact that advertising pays for newspapers both in hard copy and online sites. Here is my opinion of the new online forum.

Though we were made aware months ago that the Auburn Journal would be changing the online forum and eliminating “My Auburn,” which was a section where folks posted blogs and stories, I am extremely disappointed in this new forum.

First off, the news articles and letters to the editor are not current with the hard copy of the Auburn Journal. If the ploy was to force us all to go buy the hard copy, then why didn’t you just state that at the time you notified us that there would be changes? I am fairly certain that the folks who participated in the online forum would have gone out and bought the hard copy to remain currently informed.

Secondly,your omitting the blog and story section has been your loss. You have lost readership whether you realize it or not. More folks viewed the blog section online more often than any other section of the online sections.

My opinion of the new forum is that your mother company made the decision based on political endorsement, (based on) the fact that you change the forum two weeks prior to the presidental election. The change is an example of crony journalism, bordering on violation of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

I personally miss the blog section. I was a regular blogger since April 2011, enjoying the opportunity to express my opinions openly and honestly.

Again, I appreciate the fact that newspapers are run by advertisers. But, I don’t appreciate dishonest tactics. I would have appreciated if you, the Auburn Journal, would have been honest when you notified us of the future changes of the online site.

Personally, the new site stinks.

Cherie Holm, Meadow Vista