Reader input: Need answers on sewer project

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I talked with an engineer/director on March 26 about the North Auburn Sewer Project.The letter that was sent out leaves a lot of unanswered questions.The director I talked with had no answers to what I asked — have  plans been made for the pump station? Has the engineering been completed?
The monthly rate for customers will be $95.78. All of this is being done by the City of Lincoln, estimated cost $73.2 million. There will probably be expensive cost overruns, which customers will have to pay.
I talked with (county supervisor) Jim Holmes on March 27  and quoting him, with his permission, that he is opposed to this project as there are too many unanswered issues.I am opposed to this and will submit a letter, If enough customers send in letters of opposition, this project will not proceed. You can bet if it goes through your sewer bills will exceed $100 a month.
George Costanich, Auburn   retired health and safety inspector