Reader Input: Nash, Jones are best picks

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Ryan Jones and Renee Nash have the educational welfare of the children of the Eureka Union School District (EUSD) as their top priority.

Ryan Jones has an in-depth business sense developed through running his own legal firm. His four years of experience on the school board equips Ryan to understand the dynamics of the EUSD and how to allow our children the greatest success.

He is compassionate, well respected and deeply invested in our school district, having four young children of his own. Ryan has shown again and again that he always puts his primary focus on the children of our community and how to best serve their needs.

Renee Nash has worked tirelessly for the EUSD even before her children were in our schools. I have seen few people as committed as Renee to raising the level of education across our district. She is always in the trenches working alongside our students, school administration, faculty and community volunteers. She doesn’t just profess what “should” be done — she actually does it!

With Renee’s legal and business background, she understands the basic principals at the foundation of any successful enterprise. Through her accomplishments in business and her many years of service with the Eureka Schools Foundation, and our district, she is a proven entity.

Tony Corado, Granite Bay