Reader Input: Mass-murder prevention

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An idea for mass-murder prevention in schools:

While none of the options look good for America to add to the trillions of dollars deficit, trying to find a way to keep our kids safe here in America has to be a number one issue, or all that matters in America becomes irrelevant.

 I was being trained on the Security Force for my Destroyer–DDG41 in the Mediterranean.

The Security Force is the last chance to recapture the ship back (your last stand to survive). This system worked for the Navy, maybe it will work for America and its schools as well.

What were the most useful commutations during the attack? Answer: The intercom. So each school needs to have a security code that gets communicated over the intercom in the event of an emergency.

On the school’s staff we find out who knows how to handle guns or has recreational interest with guns. OK, some teachers will be getting trained semi-annually to pass training, maybe all in time. Those that pass will attain a key around their neck to a secured location, where a firearm, E-Key Master, Panic button that goes directly to police and maybe a map layout is installed. It could be either inside each teacher’s room or the teachers who are certified will meet in a secret location with a safe-box that only two teachers or staff members can access together to remove a firearms. In other words no one teacher can pull out a firearm for security reasons.

This option is reasonable and feasible for each school across America if it helps prevent mass-murders.

It is better than the alternative: being caught on the other side of a firearm with nothing, isn’t it?

Ed Verdon, Citrus Heights