Reader Input: MacDonald means stability

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As a former trustee of the Placer Union High School District, I am compelled to write this letter in response to Dennis Fox’s candidate’s statement in the sample ballot. I was on the board and directly involved in hiring Superintendent Dave Horsey and in determining the salary agreement. It is important that voters have the facts.
Mr. Fox’s use of the term “raise” is misleading. Teachers and administrators have a step and column salary schedule. Mr. Fox does not consider the step and column increase a raise for teachers, but he calls it a raise for the superintendent. Even with the step increase, Mr. Horsey’s salary is the second lowest in the tri-county area.
As a parent whose children attended Placer High School and as an involved citizen, I believe that our district is well managed and has remained fiscally sound during these difficult economic times.
Now more than ever, we need to preserve that stability. What our school district needs is consistent leadership that will maintain the commitment to our staff and students that Lynn MacDonald has demonstrated. I strongly support Lynn MacDonald. Please join me in voting for her on Nov. 6.
Carol Hachmeister, Auburn