Reader Input: Look at union contributions

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It has come to my attention that City Council candidate Scott Alvord has received several union contributions, including San Francisco Laborers Local 261, Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 447 and Laborers Local 185.

Special interests such as these groups are what is wrong with politics, particularly when they get involved in communities that do not reflect the same values.

As a Sun City resident, I pay close attention to local political races, especially those for Roseville City Council. It is important we make the right choices on whom we elect. I don’t believe the out-of-town unions should influence any control over our city.

That is why I will be voting for Bonnie Gore for City Council. She will work to keep spending down while helping build our business and job base back up.

She doesn’t need out-of-town special interest groups to get her into office — all voters have to do is look at her record, which speaks for itself.

Jim Viele, Roseville