Reader Input: Look at meeting attendance

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As a concerned parent in a district facing serious budget cuts, I expect board members to regularly attend meetings and be proactive to ensure the security of our district. The EUSD school board meets regularly on the second Tuesday of every month, however according to meeting minutes posted on the Eureka Union School District website, board president Kristie Greiss has missed 13 board meetings over the course of her 45-month term.

I expect elected officials to be prepared, dedicated, show integrity and have proven leadership skills to succeed in the positions in which they have been elected. As an active parent in the district who has attended numerous board meetings, I am endorsing business professionals and community leaders Ryan Jones and Renee Nash for the EUSD board. Their history of leadership, fiscal accountability, continuous dedication to our district and community make them the best choice for EUSD.

Connie Whalen, Granite Bay