Reader Input: Leave these neighbors be

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In her letter of Jan. 11 (“Stop Picking on Neighbors”), Vickie Vera was way, way out of line in criticizing Barbara and Jim Ferguson for complaining about a business run from the house next door to them. We’ve lived on this cul-de-sac for 30 years, the past 28-plus years with the Fergusons as across-the-street neighbors. They’re the kind of neighbors who live quietly and look out for their neighbors. They’re the kind of neighbors who loan things, accept deliveries for you, and watch out for your house when you’re gone. They’re the kind of neighbors who react with grace when another neighbor’s dog gets loose and kills their cat. They’re the kind of neighbors that everyone would welcome in their neighborhood. And they don’t complain lightly.

In her vituperative letter, Ms. Vera exaggerates by suggesting that the Fergusons are prone to complain about little things. They aren’t. She suggests we’re dealing with a business like Mary Kay/Avon or making goods to sell at a farmer’s market. It’s not.

Ms. Vera completely ignored the facts laid out in the original Press Tribune article (“In-home businesses have direct appeal in Roseville,” Dec. 21). They demonstrate the egregiousness of the situation and cite the relevant city ordinances that have been violated and which enforcement authorities have been soft-pedaling. The fundamental issue is whether the Roseville Municipal Code means anything at all. Shall we stop getting building permits, pet and business licenses, etc. when it suits us?

Ms. Vera lives in Loomis, a very different community, and she should save her opinions for things about which she has some knowledge.

Richard & Virginia Frantzreb, Roseville