Reader Input: Kindness is priceless

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On Feb. 11, after an appointment with my surgeon, post-operation, for a knee replacement, I absentmindedly put my small purse containing valuable information on top of the car as I wedged myself into the passenger seat.

Leaving the parking lot and driving down Douglas, my small purse dropped off the car onto the street. After driving from Roseville to my home in Davis, I noticed my purse was gone. My attendant drove me all the way back to Douglas to search for the purse; however, nothing was found. I focused on putting my faith in the kindness of people and that night, at 9:30 p.m., the Roseville Police Department informed me that my purse had been turned in with all contents intact. There was no information as to who found the purse, so I was unable to thank them.

In the days when the worldwide media shows the negativity of the human race, we overlook the small miracles of kindness happening all the time. This is one of those cases. So, I am hoping that the person/people who found my purse read this and know that their time and kindness are priceless and I am truly grateful. Let us all "pay it forward.”

Pat Barovetto, El Macero