Reader Input: Keep cars in mind

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I attended a Roseville downtown “vision” meeting for the three new bridges connecting Oak Street to Royer Park.

The citizen turnout was low. Many of us use Royer Park, the downtown library, and drive the roads around the area.

During the meeting this question repeats itself: Does our city want us to use our cars to enjoy these new amenities?

Shortage of parking at Royer Park is already challenging. It’s in severe disrepair. Incredibly, the new bridge near the veteran’s hall takes out some parking. To our dismay, the city has not allocated money to repair the existing parking lot nor add additional parking. This will be hard on our senior citizens using the veteran’s hall.

Downtown plans also call for “high density” (stack ‘em pack ‘em) housing and an amphitheater. By eliminating both parking lots on either side of the library, as well as the parking lot at the old justice center on Taylor Street they can fit these in, but not any parking.

Unfortunately, the city plans to put a round-about at the intersection of Oak Street and Washington Boulevard. Many citizens deem this “unsafe.”
Roundabouts, bike trails, downtown centers, stack ’em pack ’em housing and no parking allotments. Doesn’t that sound like U.N. Agenda 21 Sustainable Development?

Lynda Fioravanti, Roseville