Reader Input: Jones, Nash will govern more, manage less

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The leadership of Ryan Jones and Renee Nash are needed now, more than ever, in the Eureka Union School District. I had the honor of serving with Ryan Jones on the EUSD board. You’ll find no better leader in character, judgment and action to serve our students and community. And Renee Nash has an indisputable record of hard work and commitment to ensure that our teachers and schools have resources to keep our libraries, music programs, computers and athletics. 

Both Ryan and Renee understand the importance of governing more and managing less. They will elevate the work of the board to governing — setting the direction to support our teachers and administration in serving our children, while being accountable for how to achieve those goals. They understand that our talented and gifted teachers know best how to teach our children, and our capable and effective school administration know how to manage the many regulatory, legal and administrative responsibilities. 

The heart of Granite Bay and east Roseville are our schools. Please join me, and many respected education and community leaders, in supporting Ryan Jones and Renee Nash to lead our school district in the right direction.

Lori Dangberg, Granite Bay