Reader input: It's not safe to run a business after dark

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Re: “Editor offers advice for business owners” (Editor’s View column, Folsom Telegraph, Dec. 12, page A4)

I feel Don Chaddock’s column was very one-sided and would like to give you information on reasons merchants do not stay open after dark. The street changes from a family friendly environment to an adult party atmosphere.

The bars and entertainment rule the street and as you can imagine, these groups are not a target audience for shopping.

The safety of the street is questionable, as per crime reports in your newspaper. Imagine being a lone shopkeeper after dark. Who are we going to pay to keep our business open after just starting to rebound from the revitalization? Who has the funds? Maybe we could use the same funds that provided valet parking after dark for the entertainment venues during construction.

Lastly, the amount of vandalism and vomiting in front of our doors, the etching of our front windows, all this happens after dark.

Have you counted how many alcohol licenses are in the three-block area of Sutter Street? It’s shocking.

How do these things fit into our family friendly historic district? Ask the merchants about our problems and stop blaming us.

Paul Dean Bullock, Folsom historic district merchant