Reader Input: Insight into cyber bullies

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While growing up I experienced the effects of bullies. I remember the fear, anxiety, and lack of confidence that these experiences created within me.

So often self-worth can be defined by how many Tweets, connects, Facebook likes, or friends you have on social media. Youth are forced to deal with situations that they have very little real life wisdom guidance, and a cyber-environment that promotes secrecy and little respect for parents or authority figures.

A tremendous website/author that provides guidance, resources to families, law enforcement, schools, and government officials is www.

The author is Joanna Jullien. I have had wonderful conversations with Joanna and received so much insight as I read her eBook “The Authority In Me.” This site can be a tremendous tool to empower all of us, to strengthen our families, as we navigate through the deep waters of technology and the cyber world.

Doug Stoddard, Blackfoot, Idaho