Reader input: He’s not so important

Letter to the editor
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My name is Jeanette Crabb. I am married to Harry Crabb, who was mayor of Roseville four times between 1980 and 2000.

About three or four years ago, I went to a political meeting at the lodge here at Sun City Roseville. Phil Ozenick was one of the speakers. I was very upset when I heard him say he was the one who brought N.E.C. to Roseville. Phil Ozenick was not the one who did this!

My husband was mayor at the time and he and other members of the city council made trips to Japan along with the city manager and people from S.A.C.T.O.

During this time of negotiations, Harry got a phone call, in the night, at our home and he hurried to city hall to call Japan because there was a problem.

None of these things involved Phil Ozenick.

Mr. Ozenick will say anything to make himself sound important. No one person does these kinds of things for the city. It is the council, city manager, city employees and citizens who make Roseville what it is.

Jeanette Crabb, Roseville