Reader Input: Have mercy on drivers

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Heck, why don't you just come padlock my garage? Three of the four closest major roads I can travel on from my home will how have significant construction delays or closures simultaneously.

I live between Granite Bay and Auburn, and between Auburn Folsom Road and the lake. I can go north or south on A.F.R. or west on Horseshoe Bar Road or Dick Cook Road. As of this week's announcement about more A.F.R. construction, three of those four roads will have delays and/or closures at the same time.

Did these really all have to be done simultaneously? Do they really have to drag on for months? Does anyone in planning look at the map when they do this to us? Isn't there a way to get the Dick Cook/Wells and Horseshoe Bar Road projects wrapped up faster? Please! It's been affecting every day of my life for months already. Have mercy.

Paul Redd, Loomis