Reader Input: Hart dedicated to education

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I have known Pam Robie Hart for over two years. She has served as a director on the Board of Directors of The Pacific Chapter of The Neuropathy Association. She has served as the elected secretary of the board.
I know Pam to be capable and creative in thinking of ways to solve problems as they arise. She is friendly, but professional. She works well individually and as part of the team.
Pam has a strong, objective view of educating children with a goal to make the process the best quality possible. She and I have had some discussions about education. I am a retired elementary school teacher who taught for 34 years before retiring a few years ago. I have appreciated her dedication to doing what is best for children.
I think Pam is a good fit for the Board of Education and strengthens it by being a member. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to vote for her as I live in Colfax, part of Area 4, the district she serves.
Bev Anderson, Colfax, president, The Pacific Chapter of The Neuropathy Association