Reader Input: Halloween vandals spoil neighborhood fun

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We live across the street from Quail Glen Elementary School. Our neighborhood knows us by our “seasonal decoration” for the holidays. The children and their families look forward to our decorations year to year. This year 2012 Halloween ended sadly with the theft and destruction of our 6-foot pumpkin with three ghosts, which were taken and drug down the street and torn to shreds! Also, our witch blow-up electrical unit was destroyed and drug down the street! What a disappointment, I thought we lived a great neighborhood. We do get a lot of “high school” students walking by, I would hope they realize that this is their neighborhood, too.

As our Halloween evening progressed many of the parents and trick-or-treaters said to us, how they love our decorations and how they look for them each morning on their way to school. This theft and vandalism was reported to the Roseville Police that next morning, Nov. 1 at 5 a.m.

Please share this awful and cruel incident with your Roseville readers. I’m sure the parents would like to know what their children are up to.

Nancy Lockett, Roseville