Reader Input: Gore will work for city

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I am a lifelong resident of Roseville who is concerned about this city’s future. This nation’s economy is dismal at best, the state has been burdened by poor choices, but Roseville has survived thus far.
However, I believe we can do more than just survive, we can thrive. What Roseville needs is someone with proven leadership experience and who will work to attract and retain businesses and jobs to our community. That candidate is Bonnie Gore. I first met and worked with Bonnie as a commissioner on the Roseville Grants Advisory Board. She has the utmost of integrity, is honest and very intelligent. Bonnie will work hard for our city, listen to residents’ concerns, and make decisions based on what’s best for our residents and community. I encourage others to vote for Bonnie Gore for Roseville City Council.
Clark D. Fratis, Roseville