Reader Input: Gore should not pretend

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I’ve received a substantial amount of political mail from Bonnie Gore. In these things, she refers to herself as a “small business expert.” I’ve run a family farm and several other small businesses, but I would never call myself a small business expert. To see what qualified Ms. Gore as one, I checked her profile on LinkedIn. I was shocked to find she has never owned or operated a small business — or at least she hasn’t listed that in her profile. In fact, she works for Kaiser Permanente’s public relations office. How does that qualify her as a small business expert? The other jobs she’s listed are all in politics — working for a congressman, state senator, and political campaigns. How do they make her a business expert?

I don’t know Ms. Gore and I don’t know that she would be a bad City Council representative. I just don’t like it when candidates don’t tell the truth about themselves. To my mind, if Bonnie Gore’s claiming to be a small business expert when she has no small business experience, that’s not the real truth. It looks to me like Bonnie Gore knows big business, specifically about large HMOs, and she knows politics. If that qualifies her to serve on Roseville’s City Council, great. But, I don’t think she should pretend to be something she isn’t. I’m also not sure working in an HMO or as a government employee really qualifies her to understand the challenges small businesses in Roseville face with the economy and government requirements.

Jim Gibson, Roseville