Reader Input: Gordy Ainsleigh deserves votes

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I was alarmed upon reading the Kathleen Harris letter describing everything Gordy Ainsleigh has done at ARD as counter-productive. But then when I read Ainsleigh’s item-by-item response to the Harris letter on the Journal’s website, I was even more alarmed, but this time at the thought that some readers might believe what Harris wrote.
Not only did Ainsleigh refute every one of Harris’ attacks one by one, but he told us where we could go or who we could talk to in order to document that what he said was true. His response is on the Journal’s website, in two entries down below the Harris letter.
I can find no fault in Ainsleigh’s calm, reasoned defense, and I was surprised at how gently he treated Harris, given how ungentle her attack on him had been. In the contest over who to believe, Ainsleigh clearly wins by telling us on every point how to document that what he says is true. I am impressed with that kind of thinking.
When he lists what he has done for our community, it’s the same thing. When he ran down the fugitive escaping from the CHP, there were grateful statements from the CHP officer in charge on the television news. And we can go visit the 50 trees he reports planting in Overlook Park, most of them to shade the car parking.They, like Ainsleigh, just need a few more years.
Gordy Ainsleigh clearly deserves our votes.
Manuel Thomas, division safety manager, Newcastle