Reader Input: ESF is reason for success

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The Eureka School District consists of deeply passionate people focused on our children’s future.  Although a small community, we are capable, committed and energetic folk. Our history is rich with innovative curriculum, programs, and most importantly, academic success. Our success comes from diverse opinions, harnessed into a singular purpose, fueled by volunteerism.

My wife and I have volunteered for years at our church, our schools and with the Eureka Schools Foundation (ESF).  We both come from hard working families rooted in service. Serving makes great things happen. We’ve volunteered thousands of hours raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. My wife chaired ESF’s Annual Giving Campaign two years consecutively, breaking fundraising records, and I raised funds through corporate gifts and donations. Our volunteering has brought wonderful friends.

ESF is an amazing organization, which for over 20 years has funded music, arts, science, language, and technology for our students and continuing education for our teachers. Without ESF, we would not have our success.  ESF is not a group of individuals; it is an institution of community-wide ideas and values. I encourage every EUSD community member to volunteer time and money to ESF for our children’s future.

Eric J. Bose, trustee, EUSD governing board