Reader Input: Dirty politics in election

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The November election confirmed that dirty political shenanigans are not only alive and well in Roseville, but also that they are successful.

The target of the despicable mudslinging was Phil Ozenick, who, as an advocate of Roseville and Placer County taxpayers for years, has been a thorn in the anatomy of the Roseville elite. Mr. Ozenick was the target of at least two scurrilous pieces of campaign trash replete with untruths and half-truths (“Who’s behind anti-Ozenick campaign mailers?” Press Tribune, Nov. 2).

The foremost mudsligner does not live in the city of Roseville, and his name will not besmirch this letter, but he will be referred to as the Perp.

To compound the wrongdoing, the Perp misrepresented the hit pieces as being disseminated by The League of Placer County Taxpayers, hereafter called The League.

The League ceased activities in 2011. The Perp claims to have permission from the state of California to use the name, “League of Placer County Taxpayers.”

Some persons may wonder why the Perp chose the name of the long-respected League of Placer County Taxpayers except to deceive the public.

Many combinations or permutations exist using “taxpayers,” “league,” and “Placer County.” Many more combinations can be constructed that substitute “association,” “organization,” “union,” “friends of” or “foundation” for “league.”

The League has maintained a high reputation of advocating the rights of taxpayers and other residents of Placer County over the past four decades. Many activities may have been controversial. Unfortunately, the League has not been allowed to disassociate without one last controversy.

Dan Sokol, Roseville