Reader input: Crosswalk isn’t safe on main thoroughfare

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Our family has taken much pleasure from regularly riding and exploring the bicycle trails in and around Folsom. Every time we’re on the trail, the feelings of gratitude to those who plan, establish and maintain these trails and bridges is palpable. This is neither an easy, nor an inexpensive, resource, but it is such a joy to have in our community.

It is wonderful to watch the colors of nature change with the seasons, and to observe the wildlife through the migrations and generations. So, to those who keep the trails patched and the brush cleared, to those who pick up the litter (and to those who don’t leave their trash), and to those who make it possible through municipal funding (tax payers), we say, “Thank you so much.”

So far, the cyclists, joggers, dog walkers, and even parents pushing double-wide strollers, are peacefully co-existing. These trails are a healthful, beautiful, gentle way to enjoy the outdoors in the city of Folsom.

For extreme athletes who might find the trails too sedate, or feel the need to perhaps cheat death, you could try the east pedestrian crossing of Blue Ravine Road at Folsom Boulevard, where the stop signs are universally ignored by speeding cars approaching the light rail tracks, and where the crossing arms and train signals do not account for the pedestrian crossing signals. There’s your adrenaline rush. You feel a bit exposed when you have the signal to cross, and you’re in mid-crosswalk when the arms lift, and the signal suddenly changes to green for opposing traffic. Can we get a little help here?

Bob Scolnick, Folsom