Reader Input: Council time a high-point

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As my second term on the Roseville City Council comes to a close, I want to thank the people of Roseville for allowing me the opportunity to represent them during this transformational time in our city’s history.

Much has been accomplished over the past nine years. It was a period marked by the celebration of our city’s centennial anniversary — an important milestone not just to reflect on where we’ve been, but also to offer a clear picture of where we’re going.

We made significant strides revitalizing our historic downtown. Beginning with a process that focused on community input and visioning, together we made visible improvements that enhanced the utilities, sidewalks, facades, and streetscapes of our historic commercial corridors. We are now emerging from a recession with new public and private investment in businesses and public gathering areas. This overall commitment will pay dividends for years to come.

In the competitive, regional environment for business growth, Roseville is now well known for being business-friendly and a place where businesses can thrive. From retail and restaurants, to offices and industrial, we “walk the talk” and have seen the results in positive job growth and a strong quality of life.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my role in helping our city grow and prosper, and I treasure the many friendships I’ve made along the way. I especially want to thank the city staff. These are professionals of the highest caliber working very hard, every day to make Roseville a city we’re fortunate to call home.

I am encouraged to have met so many wonderful people throughout this city who share my deep concern for our community and desire the best for our families. I have also gained a renewed confidence in the power and passion of citizens who work together to make a positive difference.

Serving on the City Council has been the high-point of my nearly 30 years of public service. This has been an experience I will always cherish because of the people I had the privilege to work with and represent. I look forward to serving the people of Roseville and the surrounding communities in the future, and I will continue diligently striving to make our community and state a better place for all.

John Allard, Roseville