Reader Input: Corruption is rampant

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Corruption plagues the drawing of districts. The name of this corruption: gerrymandering. Most Americans are unaware of the ridiculous lines set by those in charge. It is appalling that we are unable to find any group of people to logically create district boundaries, and even more frustrating that with so little public awareness, things, thus far, are unlikely to change.

The approval rating for Congress stands at 10 percent, however, the rate of re-eleciton for those in Congress is 90 percent. Those in office are able to stay in office because they draw the districts so that they can split up groups against them, making sure they are minorities in the district they are drawn into. This so obviously flies in the face of the voting system we believe in in this country, yet little attention is called to it, therefore the corruption is allowed to continue.

The citizens of the United States need to know what is happening, they need to know about “gerrymandering,” they need to see the map. We can do something about this. In fact, California has already taken a giant step in this, but it needs to continue throughout the country. We can demand a better system. Start petitions! Write letters! We the people need to take ownership of our country, and demand clean politics. If we do not do something, how can we expect change?

Carlie Veth, Granite Bay