Reader input: Charge fee for non-compliance

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Our local politicians here in Placer County have decided to make “defensible space” rules permanent. What a wonderful idea! Property owners should be held liable for keeping their property cleared.
I wrote on this very topic a while back, stating that we who own acreage are solely responsible for keeping it fire safe. This is one of the very few times that I can agree that a fine or “fee” should be assessed to those who refuse compliance.
If everyone did what they are supposed to do in regard to fire safety, there would be no need for the state to impose the dreaded fire tax upon all of us — I again state that we (my husband and I) should not be punished with an illegal tax because we do the right thing while many other property owners do not.
When the county starts issuing “fees” for noncompliance, the rate of compliance should skyrocket. After all, who wants a fine of $2,500 to $3,000?
As for neighbor helping neighbor to clear property, we already do that with our neighbors. It never hurts for us to help each other in order to avoid costly fires and “fees.”
Donna McCloskey, Auburn