Reader Input: The challengers ignore math

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More than 68 percent of the voters passed Measure B to save the Newcastle Fire District. Yet a disgruntled minority has attempted to undermine the voters by putting forth Measure K, which will largely gut the new revenue for the district.  
Measure K fails to raise adequate funds to build a replacement fire station and after three years would force a cut in firefighter compensation. Candidates David Ward, Jonita Elders and Jimmie Jordan have advanced Measure K and attacked existing board members. However, these three challengers focus only on cutting district funding, even as it undermines community fire protection.
The challengers have promised a lot but have ignored facts made clear in public hearings. Placer County Cal Fire Chief Brad Harris stated that a legal new fire station costs $400 per square-foot to provide.
This was supported by Randy Dawson of MFDB architects, whose firm has built seven fire stations in Placer County alone.
The three challengers have avoided these expert cost estimates and promised something they cannot deliver, since Measure K contains inadequate funds. Furthermore, the recent modest wage and benefit package awarded our firefighters costs the district $79,772.76 per year. Yet, after three years, Measure K would raise less than $58,000 annually, a shortfall of over $20,000 each year!
Again, the three challengers ignore the math and claim to support our firefighters. Don’t trust these guys. Vote no on Measure K and reelect board members Yvonne Lewis, Bob Stearns and David Poore.
Gary Fay, Newcastle