Reader Input: Can’t sister cities fight fires?

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The ongoing battle between the groups running for election onto the Newcastle Fire Board is ridiculous. Both sides claim “Vote yes, save the station,” “Vote no, save the station.”
Quite frankly, the station has been an ongoing joke among other departments for years. Now we here talk of needing a few million dollars to build a new station when a few simple questions need to be made public. After all, don’t all civil servants including elected officials work for “we, the people?”
1. What is the total number of employees and budget per year?
2. Where does the current funding come from?
3. The City of Auburn has a closed station less than two miles away, why is it not an option?
4. The City of Ophir CDF station could be closing. Why not a shared station?
In these economic times, if two sister cities can’t find a way to solve this problem, all elected officials should be held accountable and recalled from office by “we, the people.”
Jerry Murray, Newcastle