Reader Input: Bioengineering work along Linda Creek was a group effort

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Your coverage of the Roseville bike trail stakeholder group meeting was excellent. I would like to expand, however, on my comment quoted in the article. For the sake of time, when asking my question I only mentioned Friends of Linda Creek as the people responsible for bioengineering work along Linda Creek.

It is very important to put credit where credit is due. The bioengineering projects along Linda Creek were made possible through a partnership of Adopt-a-Creek and the city of Roseville. Without the city's willingness to try more attractive, progressive erosion methods, the bio-engineering work would not have been possible. Additionally, volunteers from Dry Creek Conservancy, Friends of Linda Creek and the Meadow Oaks neighborhood provided the volunteers who were out on the creek doing the "dirty work.”

Rosalyn Clement, Roseville