Reader Input: Ballot designation is a warning to voters

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Character counts, especially in politics. That’s why Bonnie Gore’s dishonest campaigning is a warning to the voters of Roseville of how she would govern. The simple act of providing ballot designations for the Roseville City Council candidates indicates that Gore is not wedded to the truth (Press Tribune, Oct. 19).

Her own website indicates that she is a lobbyist for a health insurance company, not a “local independent businesswoman” as she claims. These are serious times for our community and we do need job creation experience on the council and candidates of strong character. Gore’s embellishment of the facts shows that she fails both tests.

We have a candidate on the ballot who is forthright, honest and has the business experience that is needed to bring jobs to this community. That candidate is Scott Alvord, a true small business owner. Alvord knows the hoops that a small business startup encounters: licensing, planning, permits, budgeting, taxes, hiring and all aspects of a business operation.

Alvord has not only built his own business, but has coached and trained hundreds of business owners in the region. We need his experience on the Roseville City Council and I urge you to vote for Scott Alvord.

Marlene Aderman, Roseville