Reader Input: Alvord has support of police

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As public safety professionals, one of the best partners we could ask for in fighting crime is a growing economy. That’s one reason why we are supporting Scott Alvord for Roseville City Council.

 Having built more than one award-winning business here in Roseville, and led local Merchants during a period that has produced unprecedented commitments for downtown revitalization, Scott has shown both a willingness and ability to combat the greatest drivers of crime in our community —blight and joblessness.

 Equally important is the fact that Scott understands what it’s like to walk in our shoes. He’s a former volunteer firefighter, the son of a police officer, a graduate of the citizen’s police academy, and together with his wife Karen, is a strong supporter of our community policing programs. 

As the saying goes, when it comes to solving problems, leaders must do first by example. Scott Alvord exemplifies this approach, and that’s why we ask our neighbors to join us in supporting Scott Alvord for Roseville City Council next Tuesday.

 Jerry Wernli, president, Roseville Police Officers Association