Reader Input: ‘Mr. No’ has not performed

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Our 4th Congressional District representative, Congressman Tom McClintock, played a big part in his party’s effort to make President Obama fail. He was a steady “Mr. No!” for the House leadership.

Tom voted against all of these: Children’s Health Care-HR2, Food Safety Act-HR2749, Campaign Disclosure Act-HR5175, Employment Discrimination Law-HR12, Violence Against Women Act-HR4970, Rural Development Funding-HR2112, Equal Pay for Women, Whistle Blowers Protection Act, Science & Technology Funding-HR5116, Transportation & Jobs Act-HR4348.

In addition, he voted to deny access to contraception, lower taxes on millionaires, privatize Social Security, and substitute vouchers for Medicare.
Tom’s campaign is heavily subsidized by money from large corporations, just check his public reports on this.

If that’s what we like, we must vote for Tom.

But I don’t think that the above (non)performance is what the majority of the 4th District voters really want. A vote for Jack Uppal can change it.

William D. Bandes, Roseville