Reader agrees with McClintock’s conservatism

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I'm voting for Tom McClintock. People like me may agree with Tom McClintock's legislative record of fiscal conservatism or they may disagree, but there is a record that can be seen and evaluated. On the other hand, Charlie Brown has a record of military service, which everyone can respect. Beyond that, there is no record except for his record of supporting anti-war activists like the Sacramento couple who hung a soldier in effigy, and anti-drilling activists like Nancy Pelosi. Rest assured, Charlie Brown will support every one of Pelosi's policies and programs regardless of how he claims otherwise. I do want to congratulate him on how he manages his own money. I am also a military retiree, and I am certainly not able to make a $50,000 lump sum contribution to any veteran's organization. It was his personal money and not from campaign contributions wasn't it? Peter W. Gissing, Roseville