Q&A: What do you do if you see a Most Wanted list criminal?

Placer Sheriff’s officials explain how the list is compiled, how residents should react
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County Sheriff’s Department decide who are the week’s most wanted criminal suspects? Lt. Jeff Ausnow took some time to answer a few questions about how the Most Wanted list is compiled and what you should do should you know or encounter someone law enforcement is seeking. 1. What do you have to do to be most wanted? To be the most wanted you have to have an active felony or misdemeanor warrant with jail time owed, and with an address in our (Placer County) jurisdiction. 2. How are the five selected each week? The Placer County Jail, Warrant Repository, reviews the charges and bail amounts on the active warrants. Using the highest charge and largest bail they choose the top five as it is our understanding that is all the Auburn Journal would publish at one time. 3. How many turn them selves in vs. how many are turned in by citizens or law enforcement? I am not sure. We have received calls from the public, officers locate subjects and subjects have come to the jail to self-surrender. We do not record the stats on how they are caught. 4. Is there a reward? If so, what is it? If not, why not? No rewards for the most wanted. We normally use the reward system (like Crimestoppers) when the wanted individual is known to be dangerous and/or we have exhausted our resources in trying to find him/her. 5. Is their bail raised when they become most wanted? Why or why not? The bail amount is determined by the judge who issues the warrant. The amount is not changed just because they were selected to be featured as the “Most Wanted.” 6. What should someone do if they see someone who is on the most wanted list? DO NOT TRY TO APPREHEND. Call the Placer County Sheriff’s Office and give them the information. The dispatch center will confirm the warrant with the jail/warrant repository then send a patrol deputy to make the arrest. 7. Why isn’t the street number listed for their last known address? Criminal history information is not public information and we legally cannot publish the address. 8. Which criminal on the most wanted list has been a most wanted the longest? The list we provide to you for publication does not work that way. A new batch of five is chosen each time. We would rarely list someone more than once in a year unless it was a different warrant. 9. How does law enforcement catch someone on the most wanted list? When a warrant is issued for an individual the information is entered into an FBI maintained database called the NCIC (National Crime Information Center). This information is available to most law enforcement agencies across the nation. This means an individual from Placer County can be on vacation in Florida and if he/she is contacted by law enforcement, they will know about his/her warrant. Placer County Deputies routinely print lists of wanted subjects in their assigned areas and actively look for these individuals during their shifts. ---------- See the Placer County Sheriff’s Most Wanted in Tuesday’s Journal. ----------