'The Public Access Show' airs in 3D

Created by Roseville resident, musician Arjun Singh
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Roseville resident Arjun Singh has launched episode three of "The Public Access Show," which he writes, acts in and directs.

But this episode is a little different: It's in 3D.

Singh said he owes the idea of doing 3D to YouTube because he discovered the website has a feature that allows users to create videos viewable in 3D with stereo anaglyph glasses.

"Once I realized how easy it was to do, I figured I owed it to myself to give it a shot," Singh said. "Also, the idea of being the first public access show to be filmed in 3D was so ridiculous that I had to jump on the idea. I decided shortly before finishing my second episode that the next one would actually be 'Episode 3D.'"

Singh is giving away red and blue glasses for free at the Roseville Community Access Station, located at 1501 Pleasant Grove Blvd., and they're available for 59 cents through his website

The series began in August 2011 on Roseville's public access television channel. His show features humorous skits and musical elements and can be viewed on his website and on YouTube.

~ Sena Christian