Pot-prep explosion injures suspect

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A marijuana-processing operation exploded in an apartment garage Saturday, leaving a suspect seriously injured, police said Sunday. Though Roseville police and fire responded to an initial report at 5:47 p.m. in the 700 block of Gibson Drive, they were not able to catch the suspect until another call later that night, according to a release. Residents returned to their apartment at 11:47 p.m. to find blood and a locked room, police said. They notified officers, who discovered an unconscious man in his early 30s with severe burns from the explosion and self-inflicted cuts. He has not been arrested because of his injuries, which are being treated at UC Davis Medical Center. The suspect, who is wanted in connection with the drug manufacturing, appeared to have entered the apartment illegally through a sliding glass door. Officers first arrived on scene to investigate the afternoon explosion, the release said. In a detached garage, they found evidence that someone had been cooking marijuana to manufacture hashish. The butane used for the heat source exploded in the garage. Several garage units were reportedly damaged by the blast and two had doors blown off. The suspect, whose name was not released because he hasn’t been arrested, initially was seen fleeing from the area. ~ Staff report