Police say shop safe this holiday season

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There’s no question that people come to Roseville to shop — both legitimate shoppers and thieves. Roseville police say there tends to be a seasonal increase in property crime around the holidays, including thefts from vehicles and shoplifting. Because of this, the Roseville Police Department has offered a list of tips for safe shopping during the holiday season. The list, posted on the city of Roseville’s website, includes tips for before, during and after you go shopping. “It’s especially important this time of the year to stash your shopping bags and other valuables in your car out of sight before you get to your next destination,” said Dee Dee Gunther of the Roseville Police Department. “And never leave your purse or wallet in your car.” Gunther says that while retail parking lots are generally thought of as the main targets for thieves, fitness center parking lots are also likely candidates for vehicle theft. Police recommend carrying only small amounts of cash and only the credit cards you plan to use while you are shopping. After shopping, police say to get your keys ready in your hand before leaving the store, so you don’t have to fumble through your purse in the parking lot. Other tips include walking with large groups of people, or having mall security escort you if you are carrying a large amount of packages. “To the list, I would add to be conscious of safety with mail and packages this time of the year,” Gunther said. Gunther recommends residents pick up their mail promptly and not leave outgoing mail in their mailbox overnight. Gunther also said if you’re not going to be home to receive a delivery, don’t have valuable packages left on your porch. Arrange to pick them up instead. To view the full list of holiday shopping safety tips, visit ~ Toby Lewis