Police chiefs, sheriff to share concealed weapons permit information

Grand Jury report scrutinized lack of communication
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Roseville Police Chief Daniel Hahn has officially responded to the Placer County 2011-2012 Grand Jury Report, which scrutinized communication between the four city police departments and the county sheriff’s department when it comes to issuing concealed weapons permits.

The grand jury’s main findings were that no written agreement exists between the police chiefs and Sheriff about issuing concealed weapons permits, the sheriff’s department does not notify the police departments when it grants or denies a permit within their respective city limits and that the departments have no policies to notify citizens how to apply for permits with the sheriff’s office.

In his official response, Hahn agreed with the above assertions but explained all members of the Placer Law Enforcement Executive Association — which includes the four police chiefs and Sheriff — would now be entering into a written agreement for the sheriff’s department to process concealed weapons permits.

“However, any such agreement will not prevent the Roseville police chief from issuing CCW permits in the future as state law permits, should a need arise, of if the Sheriff becomes unable to satisfy this need,” Hahn wrote. “I will continue to issue CCW permits to my employed and retired law enforcement officers, which I am required to do by law by issuing them an identification card with their peace officer status.”

Hahn also noted the sheriff’s department will make an active list of individuals with concealed weapons permits, or who have had them revoked, that will be available for the police chiefs to access. Hahn concluded by saying that telling the public about policies around concealed weapons permits would be an objective for his department in future outreach and education.