Police arrest alleged Craigslist car thief

Man sold stolen vehicle online, officer says
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Auburn Police announced Tuesday they’ve arrested a man who allegedly stole a stolen car on Craigslist. Sgt. Dale Hutchins said Tuesday that Jeffery Cerniglia, 29, was charged with auto theft and grand theft after investigators determined Cerniglia as the suspect. Cerniglia was already in custody at Placer County Jail after a Nov. 4 arrest on charges of burglary, possession of a narcotic controlled substance, possession of a hypodermic needle, possession of a controlled substance and violating his parole. He was ineligible for bail as of press time. Cerniglia allegedly stole a car loaned to him by 55-year-old Auburn resident Laurel Rudolph. Rudolph told law enforcement that she loaned the vehicle to an acquaintance by the name of Jeff Keller or Kellar earlier in October. When Cerniglia didn’t return the car, Rudolph reported it stolen. Hutchins said Cerniglia then illegally sold the car on Craigslist to a Roseville resident. When the purchaser tried to register the car at the Roseville DMV, they were stopped because the vehicle was reported stolen. ~ Staff report