Poets’ verse appreciated

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Last Thursday evening, I attended an inspiring literary event that didn’t require a drive to Nevada City or Sacramento. In partnership with John Bowman, Roseville’s Blue Line Gallery launched its new poetry series, “Outta the Blue,” garnering an intimate, enthusiastic crowd. Poets Bob Stanley and Molly Fisk read work that, in turns, evoked tears and laughter from the crowd. The evening’s most powerful pieces rendered the audience silent. Having been one of only two attendees at an author’s reading in Rocklin last year (the writer’s poignant story had been featured on Bill Moyer’s Journal), I hope the Blue Line’s new (and, apparently, well-promoted) literary menu is just a beginning. Poetry (and story) offer many things — giving voice to our shared human experience, the thick and thin of it, is but one of them, one we could all use in times such as these. So, I’ll be telling everyone I know: The Literary Arts have come to South Placer! Support them, and they will support you. Terri Kent-Enborg, Rocklin