Please help us find hit-and-run driver

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On July 10th, at approximately 2:50 pm, my 17-year-old daughter, Lauren Villa, was driving her silver Toyota Corolla northbound on Sierra College Boulevard and proceeded to turn right onto Douglas Boulevard when she was hit from behind. This is the corner where Mr. Pickles waves hello to passersby. The other driver acted as though he would follow her into the parking lot but as soon as she turned in, he sped away. He is described as a clean-cut white male, 19-25 years of age, driving a silver Jeep Cherokee with black runners. There is most likely damage to the front end. We’re hoping someone else in our community also witnessed this accident and will be able to give us more information so that we may identify this driver. If you do have information, please contact me at 208-3610. Thank you for your help. Karyl Villa, Granite Bay