Placer SPCA gets by with a little help from its friends

Volunteers thanked for service
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Last year, the Placer Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals had 493 volunteers who dedicated a total of 84,739 hours. That equates to an additional 40 full-time employees.

“Our volunteers provide an invaluable service to the animals and staff at the Placer SPCA, and we are deeply grateful for the contributions they make,” according to a media release. “While we receive volunteers from all walks of life and age ranges, we typically have a greater influx of female volunteers. We were very surprised to find that this year, six of the seven volunteers with the greatest number of volunteer hours were men.”

Michael Curry, a cat volunteer, contributed 522 hours; Larry Monks, a dog volunteer, gave 554 hours; Gerald Edwards, a dog volunteer, provided 680 hours; Gary Wraa, a dog volunteer, donated 820 hours; Bob Crane, a cat and dog volunteer, put in 953 hours; and Mike Montero, a cat volunteer, contributed 1,096 hours, for a total of 4,625 hours. On average, that’s about 15 hours per week, per individual. The volunteer who donated the greatest number of hours was Claudia Smith, with a total of 1,106 hours.

“We’d like to formally acknowledge and thank all of our volunteers for the work that they do,” according to the release. “Your support ensures that the Placer SPCA can fulfill its mission of enhancing the lives of companion animals and supporting the human-animal bond.”

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