Placer resident upset by Sierra Club’s lawsuit

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As a Placer County resident, I find it unfathomable that the Sierra Club has filed a lawsuit trying to block the regional university plan. This isn’t another shopping center, Sierra Club; it’s a national-caliber private university that would be an enormous benefit to Placer County’s quality of life and economic development. Sierra Club, why do you insist on looking for ways not to make this work? It seems that everyone else involved in this project sees it for what it is, a terrific opportunity for the community. The project has the support of Placer County Board of Supervisors, the SACOG and the community. It’s a good, environmentally sound plan. Higher-education is something that is lacking in the Placer County area, which is known for its quality of life. In these difficult economic times, receiving a gift like this one is an opportunity that can’t be wasted because it may never be available again. Sierra Club, go waste your lawsuit time and money on some other project. Leave this one alone. Laura Bickford, Roseville