Placer commute bolstered by temporary bus service

PCTPA, Caltrans join forces to increase mass transit opportunities
By: Staff report
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The Placer County Trans-portation Planning Agency and Caltrans officials recently announced they are rushing through approvals to establish a temporary train service – an additional Placer Commuter Express bus – between Auburn and Sacramento. Pending actions taken this month by the Placer County Board of Supervisors and the PCTPA board, the fourth bus will increase commuter capacity from the current limit of 150 riders to 200 daily commuters. The start date is anticipated to be mid-May. “PCTPA is committed to providing mass transit opportunities for commuters and is pleased to work collaboratively with Caltrans to expand service,” said PCTPA Executive Director Celia McAdam. “We had to get creative to find the funding, but just like we did with the Lincoln Bypass and efforts to relieve the Interstate 80 bottleneck, we found a way to make it happen because we are prepared, aggressive and have a reputation for getting things done.” “Commuter Express buses in Placer County are already overflowing at peak hours, and the temporary closures of I-5 for downtown reconstruction in May will only increase the need for additional mass transit options,” Caltrans Director Will Kempton said. Caltrans and PCTPA will both collaborate to secure $220,000 over the two years to provide the service. “PCTPA is proud of the strong working relationship we have with Caltrans, because it dramatically increases our ability to leverage scarce local funds and deliver vital transportation improvements. From mass transit to roadway maintenance and expansion, we are committed to doing everything possible to provide for Placer County residents,” McAdam said.