Pet pig provides inspiration for children’s book

Roseville author’s story on Bubbles published
By: Lauren Weber The Press-Tribune
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For one Roseville resident, her pig Bubbles became more than a family pet; the potbellied pig became Jane Ferguson’s inspiration for her first book called “Bubbles the Little Pig.” The children’s book, which hits bookstores May 12, is also currently available on and is sold internationally for $19.95. Ferguson said her new title as author is “kind of a weird feeling” – something she never really expected to take on. She works at Rabobank in Roseville and said the president of the bank helped her realize how much of an honor it is for her story to transform into a book. “Not everyone writes a book,” he told her. And as a first-time author, not every writer gets published. “I got lucky with that,” she said. “It really means a lot, so much to me and my family.” The thought of getting a pig was something that only crossed Ferguson and her husband Cary Nathan’s minds about two years ago. They made a trip to the state fair where they saw piglets and from there the infatuation grew. “We can’t get a pig,” she thought at the time. But after research and going through a rescue shelter called Pig Harmony, Bubbles became a family member, and even has her own room in their house where she sleeps each night. It’s a small pink room under the staircase adorned with a pink blanket with crowns and the word “princess.” At age 2, Bubbles is the star of Ferguson’s 44-page book. “Bubbles was my inspiration, I adore her,” she said. “I just sat down one day and started writing a little story.” Her husband had no idea she was writing the book until it was finished. “I was completely surprised,” he said. “I was so incredibly proud of her,” he added. And when Nathan read the story, it stirred up lots of emotion. “I actually started to cry a little, I was so proud of her,” he said. The book tells the story of Bubbles’ outdoor adventure when the gardener leaves the red gate open. She encounters and talks to dogs, turkeys and other animals, but eventually makes it back home. The book, although fiction, is based on a number of real-life events. The story includes Ferguson, her husband and stepson as characters, and some of Bubbles’ real characteristics intertwined into the made-up journey. “Bubbles talks all the time,” Ferguson said. “Pigs are comical and frustrating at the same time,” she added, recalling a time when Bubbles got into the kitchen, opened the pantry cupboards and helped herself to all the food she could find. With her child-like tendencies, Nathan said, “she’s very much a part of the family.” “I joke that my wife loves that pig more than me,” he said. Ferguson will be at the Auburn Reptile Company located at 165 Elm Ave. in Auburn from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on May 31 for her first book signing. When asked if there is a sequel in the works to Bubbles’ adventure or another book penned by Ferguson, she smiles. “If people want another story, there’s another story there,” she said.