The people have spoken: Don’t change the plan

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Feb. 11, 2009 marked the beginning of the end of Kirk Ulher’s political career. More than 300 residents painfully watched as Uhler laid a political egg the size of his single-minded determination to buck the will of the people, the very people he was elected to give voice. His elitism was on full display and rooted in his belief of his rightful ascendance to the position bestowed thanks to potent family connections. The people merely rubber-stamped a foregone result. Those pesky little people showed up en masse to a community event revealing Kirk Uhler to be the fraud he is. Hundreds of residents made their opinions known and speaker after speaker peeled the layers of mumbo jumbo spoken by Uhler exposing his true allegiance. Residents voted overwhelmingly and the county was given its instructions: Do not change the Granite Bay Community Plan. When you are not the peoples’ representative, their voices are optional. Uhler dismissed concerns as naive and uninformed. One speaker was dead on, “We are here to immunize Kirk.” Another gentleman already in line to speak when Uhler took the stage, demanded to be heard and called Uhler a “fraud” something everyone was already thinking. He was not allowed to continue, his microphone was cut off and the sheriff called. There was no violence ... there was no mob rule ... there was Kirk Uhler being confronted by the powerful voices of his constituents. Didn’t we all know it was a foregone result. Marlene George, Granite Bay