Parolee-at-large caught after Roseville SWAT deployed

Police say shotgun in suspect’s car prompted action
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The Roseville Police Department confirmed that a fleeing parolee triggered a SWAT operation near the Colonial Village apartment complex in Roseville on Sunday, prompting searches and the arrest of the main suspect.

Roseville police sergeant Jason Bosworth said the incident happened around 2 p.m. when officers spotted a man they believed had an arrest warrant pending against him driving down Eureka Road. Flashing their lights, the officers watched the vehicle pull into the Colonial Village complex and then stop as two men jumped out. The suspects fled out of sight.

Officers noticed a 12-guage shotgun inside the car. Believing the suspects to be possibly armed, the Roseville Police Department’s SWAT operatives were called to the scene, as well as back-up officers from the Citrus Heights Police Department.

Bosworth said around 3 p.m., the main suspect officers were looking for — parolee-at-large Justin Hurst — was caught hiding in a nearby field by a Citrus Heights officer. Roseville police believe Hurst is associated with the apartment complex. In the process of searching the address and questioning witnesses, several other individuals, including the other suspect who fled, were arrested on various charges.

~ Scott Thomas Anderson